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Welcome to the JPX Data Cloud

On this site, you can purchase market data such as historical stock quotes, derivatives market data, index / indicative NAV information, statistical information, corporate information and ICJ information.
The list of available data is here. Please also see Data Specifications and Sample files for data format.

【About the Individual File Purchase Service】
You can download each file after paying fees for the data.※ Some products take time to create the files. Please see the purchasing page of each products for details.
(※In the credit card payment method, you can download soon after your application. In the bank transfer payment method, you can download after your money transfer is confirmed. Please allow approximately one week for confirming your transfer.)

【About the Flat-fee Service】
You can download files as many times as you like by paying a monthly flat fee. There are several plans which differ available files, etc. Also, there are plans to access data via API.
Please see the following manuals of flat-fee service for more detail.
A flat-fee service contract shall remain effective from the date of contract establishment (i.e., the first month) to the end of the seventh month.

【Related Documents】
   ●Price List
   ●Terms and Conditions
   ●Manual of Individual File Purchase Service
   ●Manual of Flat-fee Service

For more detail information such as data specification and sample files, please see Technical Reference.

Selling Rankings


TSE Stock Tick Prices

1,430 yen~

Tick data provides intraday prices. Maximum period for one order is as follows. Period :1 month
* Since the size of tick data is big, file creation takes a lot of time.
*In the case that the data volume exceeds fixed size (3.8GB), the file will be compressed by zip64 format. [_64] will be added to the end of the name of the file compressed by zip64 format. Please use a software for zip64 format.
*As the size of the tick data is enormous (about 40 million records contained), the file is not suitable for being processed by spread sheet applications including Microsoft EXCEL etc. JPX will not support customers to process the purchased data. Customers are highly recommended to confirm their data processing environments before purchasing.
The folder structure has been changed from 2017/2/27 for reducing the creation time. Data specifications are not changed. Please note when you open the data.


Open Interest Data of Margin Transactions

1,078 yen~

Outstanding short and long margin positions for TSE listed issues as of the end of the last business day of each week
It takes approximately two business days for creating data.


flat-fee service API

165,000 yen~

A flat-fee service contract shall remain effective from the date of contract establishment (i.e., the first month) to the end of the seventh month.

New Products

P/E,P/B information (Dec 2019)

1,188 yen~

Price/Earnings and Price/Book ratios calculated based on consolidated earnings digests (accounting year). Information is provided as of the end of the month.

Quarterly earnings digest information (Oct 2019)

3,564 yen~

Data is provided for companies whose accounting year begins 3 months within the month for which consolidated earnings financial information (individual/group, accounting year) is provided.